The Novel Coronavirus has firmly trained the spotlight on lung health, a key objective of indoor air quality measures the world over. The potent threat of the virus has forced the world’s population to pay attention to the air we breathe. For long, CPI Industry has conducted the World IEQ Forum (five editions) – a gathering of building industry stakeholders to discuss mitigation of microbial and chemical contamination, among other topics. Never before has there been so much interest in air quality as now, and hence the compulsion to focus on The Air We Breathe as the subject of the first in the HVACR Virtual Conference Series, on March 30, 2020.

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Outcomes of the Webinar

  • Present immediate and implementable HVAC-related technological solutions and strategies to mitigate air and surface contamination in residential and commercial buildings and in mission-critical facilities, like hospitals and other healthcare centres.
  • Present a set of effective preventive measures that FM personnel in healthcare facilities and in residential and commercial buildings can adopt and implement on an urgent basis.

Event Format

The virtual conference, lasting approximately four hours, comprises a panel discussion, followed by a series of commercial presentations by service-providers and manufacturers/suppliers of equipment. The presenters have an opportunity to not only speak but also show PowerPoint presentations and videos, including animations, to demonstrate the efficacy of their solutions.