Profiles Track



COVID-19 has brought out the fighting spirit in the HVAC industry, with player after player eager to bring years of expertise and experience to bear on the war against the virus. CHAMPIONS OF THE BIG FIGHT is a special profile-package of such fighters, who rose to the occasion, when the world most needed them to. It is to highlight those that have put their hand up in the fight against the virus through a show of courage, wisdom and pragmatism.

What the champions will receive:

  • The designated champions will receive a certificate during a virtual ceremony.
  • They will also be honoured with a citation that would be read out, describing the work they have carried out and the organisation values that underpin the ability to honour commitments to clients and, thus, be able to prevent the virus from disrupting commercial activities, on the continuation of which rests the ability to meet regional and international socio-economic and sustainable development targets. A copy of the citation would be presented to them for follow-up marketing purposes.
  • The ceremony will be recorded for repeat viewing, and a clip of the video would be presented for follow-up marketing purposes.

It will take place from:

  • 5.50pm – 6.50pm (UAE Time, GMT+4),
  • 7.20pm – 8.20pm India Standard Time (IST),
  • 9.50am – 10.50am Eastern Standard Time (EST),
  • 9.50pm – 10.50pm Singapore Time (SGT)